Stevens Center for Academic Development
St. Louis City, MO

Worrying about respect is what got me into trouble in the first place.
You see . . . grown people need respect from kids.
Kids need respect from grownups.
What other respect is there?
Well, football players . . . respect each other.
Basketball players . . . respect each other?
Out of respect they battle each other for a championship.
But you can’t spend your whole life fighting for respect.
It’s a win-lose situation.
People will disrespect you for no reason.
Disrespect is one of the main reasons why people fight!
Don’t let anyone steal your joy!
People are not in control of all your happiness.
Does respect thrill your soul?
Why do you need so much respect?
Now think about it . . . what is the problem with respect?
Or, is Respect the real problem?
Maybe people are the real problem.
They go around blaming everybody.
They even blame the world.
They are never at fault.
When you are angry with one particular person,
You have to remember that you are not angry with the world.
And don’t say you were really mad, because only dogs go mad.
Are you big enough?
Does it really matter who’s to blame?
Why don’t you suck it up?
After all what’s the big deal?
Don’t lose any sleep over it because life still goes on!
You have to always remain strong.