"Deep Sea Siren"

New Paltz Middle School
Ulster County, NY

She picks up the pearls,
One by one,
Iridescent chains in her hands,
And the song of the ocean whistles through her ears,
Hushing in,

Lulling out.

She stays,
Her eyes face the sand,
Endless drives of blue,
Vast blue.

She picks up seashells,
One by one,
Her cracked lips
Whispering to the salt in the air.

She takes a thousand pictures,
All oceanside,
The foreground full of

She stares back at sunset,
The coral painted sky,
Each star looks down,
The silver lining of the universe.

She walks to the sea,
A deep sea diver inside,
She holds her pearls,
And with her seashells close,
She looks upon the galaxy,
She swims back home.