St. Gabriel the Archangel School

Wake up
Wake up
Hear the sound of Drums.
See the militia come out of the slums.
We will try to fight with strength and might.
Through the perilous eyes of the night.
The wealthy do not give a care.
The tyrant King just sits on his chair.
The tyrant does not give a care about the low.
Onward, our direction, we must go.
As we try to step up and stop them
The people up top push us to the bottom.
As we hear the lies and hypocrisy
We dream of a day of true democracy.
The battle has begun
So many lost but no one has won.
We watch the soldiers in excruciating pain
We watch the others die in vain.
Our hearts dug in the trenches
The suffering of the wretches.
This all seems like an illusion.

 Where will you be for the Revolution?