"My Home"

Most Sacred Heart School
St. Louis County, MO

I come from big hills and huge flat plains.
A place with crops in huge rolling lanes.

I come from a little white house, on a hill.
A place with many crops and big farm mills.

I come from a family, five siblings, one tall.
Each has a personality, I love them all.

I come from the woods, it is big and fun.
It is a very good place to frolic and run.

I come from a place where animals thrive.
Deer are never lazy, they are always alive. 

I come from a family that wants livestock.
I don’t want the hassle; it’s hard as a rock.

I come from the big woods, it is beautiful.
It is gracious and kind, and never is harmful.

I come from a place with a mix of weather.
It is very hot, but then it gets better.

I love my dog, her name is Bell
She is my favorite, that’s not hard to tell

I come from a place I love to be.
Nothing in the world could take it from me.