"To Be Special... Every Single Time"

Immaculate Conception School – Columbia
Monroe County, IL

In the winter layers of frost and ice glint in the soft light
like sheets of glitter dust everywhere.
The frozen gray clouds above blanket all life.
Trees go dormant and animals do too.
Everything sits, so still, so quiet, except for the wind,
the sweet whisper of a lullaby.
This is the season of slumber and rest.

In the spring, the world is made new.
Birds peep merrily in the emerald trees.
Lilacs climb the bushes, filling the air with the light scent of rejuvenation.
Buds burst forth from the once-dead leaves.
This is the season of beginnings.

In the summer, the sun sits high in the sky
like a seemingly unending flash of brilliant luminescence.
Movement is found wherever you look,
in the air, on the ground, or the gently rolling rivers.
Heat radiates through the sunflowers, standing tall with confident might.
Nature is at its peak.
This is the season of dreams come true.

In the fall, leaves put on their daring suit.
Scarlet, daffodil yellow and earthen shades fill the landscape,
setting the land on fire.
Birds come and go in brutal storms, blotting the air like spilled ink.
This is the season of a bold good-bye.

The circle of seasons goes on every year.
Though the pattern repeats itself time and time again,
we find each one to be special...every single time.