"Summer in India"

McKinley Classical Leadership Academy

Up on the roof
The dusty red tiles burn my bare feet
I pull out a plastic chair And rush to the shade
Of the neem tree*
And the view I see
Below me
Is the carefully nurtured tropical garden where everyone has tea
And to my left
I can see a cleft
Of the strong mountains
And to pass time
I stare at their worn lines
And the mossy green of the trees
And in the distance I can hear
The beautiful peacocks cry
And when the sun goes down
The sky is painted a variety of red, pink, yellow, and blue
And if I'm lucky that day
It will rain
When the rainfall is heavy
I stay inside and watch
But when the rain falls down like a gentle shower
I can dance on the rooftop
And watch the rain wash away the dirt and dust of the red tiles and my bare feet
And in the night
When the moon and the stars burn bright
I watch them for a while and go to sleep
Dreaming of what will happen when the next morning and I meet

*Neem trees are trees in India that produce a lot of herbal medicine from its berries and leaves.