"Do You Matter"

Loyola Academy of St. Louis
City of St. Louis, MO

You are fast
You are slow
Does it matter
No it don’t
But do you matter
Maybe you do

I don’t know How about you

Do you want to be a clown
Then turn that frown upside down
I look at you with respect
You look at me from neck to neck
But do it matter

You can do the wrong, good, even bad
But you’re not making me mad
You can do any occasion
It don’t matter if you’re hispanic or caucasian
It don’t matter but you do matter
You’re just putting your soul all over the platter

It’s your choice just make it matter
You can be like dwyane wade
Just do it right and make the fade
But do you matter

If you can see what I can see
I’ll tell you what you mean to me
If you see black and I see white
But do it matter
I guess it might

You’re getting closer and closer
You’re almost there
Keep on trying you’ll get here
Just don’t pull out another hair
Do you matter just keep it fair

Slow it down
You are not going to lose
You will win this battle and that’s good news
Do you matter
Yes you really do