Academy for Technology and the Classics
Santa Fe County, NM

Everybody’s got an addiction
It’s something that you can’t get away from
Everybody’s got an addiction
It keeps slowing you down just like friction
You can run, but you know you’ll probably come back
Or it’ll come after you and hit you in the head---crack!
Everybody’s got an addiction.

Addiction’s a magnet, pullin’ you back
‘Bout to attack, now that’s a fact
Addiction’s a monster
It’s got you in its jaws and it ain’t gonna pause
It’s gonna keep
eating you up, beating you up, feeding you to it
because it’s doin’ what it’s doin’
And by now, this is probably what you’re thinkin’---Make it stop!
And by now, it probably isn’t really workin’---no, it’s not.

This is a fight that has been fought by a lot
But not many can win ‘cause not many have thick skin
And the amount of willpower they possess is thin.

And some try so hard to get rid of their addiction
They just wanna smash it up and throw it right into the trash bin
All they really need is a little bit of savin’
And their lives at a constant rate are becomin’ caved in.

And the young girl cries:

I’ve had enough of this craze
Mom, it’s like you’re bein’ chased
And you’re stuck inside a maze tryin’ to find your way out
Mama, I just wanna shout, I wanna scream

I wish I could just end this drug thing
Because of this we cannot be together you and me
I know that you can see, but to me, what it seems
The least I can do is dream
Dream it will end some day
Dream that you will be okay
And then we can stay together every day
But for now, just remember one thing
No matter how far apart, you’ll always be in my heart.

They took me away from you
But it’s something that they had to do
Just because of the things
That we’ve had to go through.

I remember the night we were moved
You made me and my sister
Some chicken noodle soup
But then there was a knock, knock on the door
The police came in
Said we couldn’t be with you no more
I felt like I was shot, bullet sitting in my core
Then we started cryin’, hoping they were lyin’
I know one thing that you always will be tryin’
Tryin’ to bring it to an end so we can be together again
Bring our broken hearts to mend
And I know that you are sad ‘cause they brought me to my dad
Now don’t be mad, ‘cause it’s not his or your fault
It’s the drugs that have brought
Our happiness to a halt.