"Seeing Myself"

St. Mark's Lutheran School
St. Louis County, MO

One day I looked in the mirror
and saw a girl with dirty blonde hair, glasses and hazel eyes
wondering to herself,
“Who am I?”

I saw flashbacks of the sketches I once drew,
some Japanese characters like Fukawa Touku.

Some were depressing like a rainy day,
others were peaceful like an ocean wave.

Most were random, like a cat video or an arcade game,
yet they all inspired me just the same.

The images moved from my mind to the pad of paper,
few lines straight and others like vapor.

Flashbacks of songs that I’d created;
lyrics that had been orchestrated
about how I have been treated as a person,
almost like a rag doll in comparison.
I sang them from the bottom of my heart,
setting off my emotions with a spark.

I knew that I was different from the others,
but now it doesn’t give me any bothers.

I’ve realized my successes and mistakes.
I now know my soul never will break.

When I came back to reality,
the girl who was crying waterfalls in the mirror
was actually me.