"One More Night"

Lee Middle and High School
Berkshire County, MA

My love will sing me to sleep,
On his shoulder I will weep.
Through thick and thin,
Together we will win
The raging battle I fight against myself
As I resist the glinting blade
Staring from the shelf.

He will sing me to sleep
As I reject the thoughts of dying,
Though he will tell me to just keep trying.
Don’t give up, he will say,
You will make it through to the next day
Here, with me, is where you will stay.

He will sing me to sleep
After I refuse to eat
Not a sliver of bread or a piece of meat.
He will tell me I’m beautiful
That I’m not what I think,
That I’m not ugly or fat.
It’s all in my head;
He’d miss me if I ever were to be dead.

He will sing me to sleep,
He will slash his own wrist,
He will keep me off of Death’s own list.

He will cry with me,
Encourage me,
Comfort me,
All in the hopes
To have my heart in his keep.
All in the hopes
Of singing me to sleep
For one more night.