"The Dark Piece of Chocolate From the House on the Right"

Pamoja Prep Academy
St. Louis City, MO

I am a dark chocolate female from the house on the right,
A birthday on the 8th but I’m gonna party tonight I’m gonna grow up successful and my future’s so bright
But watch me be an inspiration and touch that bright light


I work hard, get them As
I don’t care about what you say I get good grades, study everyday
all work getting done, I don’t even play
now what you say now
I’m walking 
hush up little girl—now I’m talking
I’m tryna teach you something that you could study Sunday
so that you could pass that test on Monday


I am that little girl growing up to be what I want to be with the brown skin and glasses you see
I was born at the Forest Park Hospital
Sounds of laughter fill the air
getting chased by that girl with the beautiful brown hair
When I was younger I remember I was that happy little girl in that purple shirt and those khaki pants
running around the playground


Right here and right now, I am like a picture in his or her dreams.
Tomorrow I will be a successful young lady and they will want to be like me
That young lady whose name starts with a T and that’s me, 
Tasanya Roberts you see.