"This Flower"

Little Flower Catholic School
St. Louis County, MO

I found a flower in my yard this afternoon,
A nice day in June.
It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,
Like a palace with a queen.
It spoke to me in a special way,
All happy and gay.
I loved that flower very much,
It had a very sweet touch.
I saw it every day in the same spot,
The sun towering above us,
Bright and hot.
I had a special place for it in my heart,
Its own secret part.
It was my very best friend to me,
I just let it be.
Then one day it came,
There was no way to tame.
The wind blew and the rain poured,
But when it was over my spirits soared!
I ran outside to find my friend,
But to only find a drooped down stem.
I pulled it out,
With a big pout,
And threw it away.
The next couple months had gone,
Dawn by dawn.
One day I went out,
And to my surprise I saw a sprout.
I found a new friend.
In the same spot as the other one,
This is what God has done.