“Unforgivable Acts of Humanity”

Millstadt Consolidated School
St. Clair County, Illinois

Tall trees spring from the ground,
they are everywhere, all around,
what took thousands of years to grow,
is now enjoyed by all, very much so.

This forest has become to many a home,
deer gallop and they roam,
birds chirp so cheerfully,
rabbits hop ever so happily.

Gentle butterflies flutter in a graceful way,
foxes burrow at the end of the day,
turtles paddle down the gentle stream,
everything is perfect as if in a dream.

Then the trucks came growling down the road,
a warning was croaked by the frightened old toad,
the animals were startled, at first just a bit,
as the trucks came closer, they couldn’t believe it!

Tough-lookin’ men began jumping out,
the animals now terrified, without a doubt,
they seemed to beg, “Don’t destroy the homes we’ve made!”
as men approached the trees with their shiny, sharp blade.

The creatures watched in horror as men drew back their arms,
bringing their homes lots of damage and harm,
birds quickly fled their beloved homes,
trucks ripped up the soil the deer once roamed.

Rabbits hopped so sadly away,
butterflies fled in a state of dismay,
foxes left their cozy homes,
turtles swam with chilled bones.

Down went the trees,
up went the factories,
the skies were soon a gloomy gray,
due to the smoke that rises each day.

The beauty is gone and memories fade,
memories of the homes the animals once made,
destroyed were the homes where the animals were livin’,
how will humanity ever be forgiven?