"Pain or Pleasure"

St. Cecilia School and Academy
St. Louis City, MO

Love is hard when the one you love doesn’t love you back.
Is love for pain or for pleasure?
Why do I have these feelings?
I don’t know. 

As I see now, love is like having your heart ripped out.
Love is sadness and pain.
Some say that love is the greatest gift in the world, but this is what I question.
How can it be the worlds’s greatest thing if it’s filled with heartbreak and sadness?
Will someone answer my question?
Answer me!

Love is hard like a rock, having your heart smashed into pieces.
The one I love knows that I love him
But he denies that a little part of him, just a little, feels the same.
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he doesn’t like me.
Knowing that the one I love loves someone else is the worst feeling in the world.
This is pain. 

Let me tell you one thing.
People say there may be someone out there for everyone
But there is not always someone out there.
Love was hard when the one I used to love broke my heart. 

Should I forgive him?
Does he even care?
If he doesn’t, I shouldn’t even want to take a chance on him.
He is not worth it.
If he doesn’t see my beauty inside and out, he’s not worth the pain or the pleasure.