"Always and Forever, My Mother"

All Saints Catholic School
St. Charles County, MO

You’re still here in dreams and memories.
I hold you in the darkest part of my mind.
I feel you and this gives me passion and equilibrium.
The tears I have cried for you could fill the oceans,
and I have wiped each one away.

For you, Mother, I promise
I will go on with my life and make you proud. 
I always will hold you in my heart.
I promise I will miss you every day until the end of the universe.
But this is not my end, only the beginning of a new story.
I love and miss you, but I live because you live through me.

You still can love,
be free,
live and fly away.
You always will be in my life.
I will miss your beautiful face. 

I think of you and wonder why,
I might laugh or cry.
At the end of the day, you’re just the end of my beginning.