"Muddin' in Missouri"

Woodridge Middle School
Washington County, MO

On my birthday, I take a trip
To one of the coolest places on earth
Man, I think you would flip

This place has hills, holes, and even ditches
If you’re not careful, you might even get stitches

I pull in with my F-250 Ford,
Always ready to give her a go
She screams and scoots and her engine roars

This place is by a backcountry pond
Down a gravel road, only a few have found
But those who do, let it show

Toyotas, four-wheelers, Fords, and Dodges
And even a Chevy
Smiles on everyone’s faces because they think they’re ready

The engines are loud
The dirt is always flying
Man, this place is great
Without even trying

There is a Dodge flipped upon its side,
This man in a Jeep shouldn’t even be trying
I bet my old Ford could give him a run for his money
Oh, wait, that’s a girl
Do you need help, honey?

The trucks are amazing
All built to the T
When I’m in my Ford, they all stare at me.

A Chevy stuck all the way to his bumper
Man, that is bad
Oh, what a bummer

You see this place I know is called Bricks
It’s all the way in the woods
Far back in the sticks

Say what you want about people and their misery
There is only one place left to play
And it’s in Missouri

I know this may sound bad
Some may think it is cruel
I live in Missouri
And only Ford and Dodge Rule!