“Lies, Lies, Lies”

Imagine Academy of Careers Middle School

I am so tired of lies.
You tried to lie to me about my life;
Because my life is mine,
I chose my own destiny.
There are no adjustments that need to be made for me.

You lied to me and told me you love me.
Now I’m trapped,
16 and pregnant.
Why can’t I wake up
From what seems to be a dream?

You lied to me.
Told me that you would be there
When we citizens needed you.
Now where are you, Mr. President?
We can’t see you!

Twisted tears running about my face,
Our face!
Ours and no one else’s.
Now I am left here tired and helpless.

I am tired of liars.
Sorry to say because it’s true.
I’m tired of the biggest liar,
Because that would be you.