"Unforeseen Consequences"

Paul Cuffee Middle School
Providence County, Rhode Island

Perhaps this is what you deserve
Maybe this is just what happens to those who speak up
To those who show off
But you can’t do anything about it.

You can’t help that people call you smart
You can’t stop those who say you are nice
You can’t do anything about people who peg you as mature.
It’s out of your control.

You smile, and keep up the facade
But on the inside
The pressure is crushing you
And you’re not sure what to do.

It feels like there are cinderblocks tied to your feet
And they’ve been dropped into the unrelenting sea
And you’re unable to swim up, all you can do is sink
And then hit the bottom, longing for a childhood you threw away.

You never asked for any of this
You just wanted to show people who you are
Now everybody notices your every action like a cast of hawks
And you cannot drive them away.

People say you are special, but the minute you slip up
The minute you go against the image that you created for yourself
They turn on you in an instant
And tell you that you are supposed to be more mature than that.

You’re the smart one
You’re the nice one
You’re the mature one
That’s what they think.

But to yourself, you are a child
A child who made the mistake of trying hard
You were too young to know better
And now, your life is outside of your control.