"Just a Dream"

(Dedicated to those who love me, and those who fear the worst)

St. Roch School
St. Louis City, MO

It started as paradise.
It began with just me,
and everyone I love
as happy as could be.

We were spending time together
in a world of pleasure,
but the sky seemed grayer,
and fear I couldn’t measure.

People looked at me in hatred.
My heart was filled with grief.
Their expectations weren’t met,
but the image was brief.

I woke up with tears in my eyes
and my mother, as sweet as cream,
told me “It’s not reality,
it was just a dream.”

I wiped away my tears,
and from what I can recall,
the things I thought I feared
weren’t fearsome at all.

So if you’re ever frightened,
if the sky isn’t as bright,
remember you have those who love you,
and things will be alright.