"African Sunset"

Long Middle School

A stream of purple across the sky

Big trees under the beautiful sun

Cheetahs curl into a deep sleep

Dark clouds all around the light

East is covered in the night blue and stars

Fabulous colors around the sunset

Giraffes munch on the tall tree leaves

High trees scatter Africa's floors

Indents being used as cozy beds

Jaguar mothers grab their young

Kalahari Desert cooled as the sun began to set


Light blue and dark blue collide in the sky

Many animals get settled to sleep

Navy blue across the sky

Open fields under the setting sun

Patches of grass around the ground

Quiet birds float to the tree tops

Resting on the ground, the sun changed to orange

Sun setting in the west as the moon rose in the east

Tall trees arching sleepily

Unique landscapes vigorous colors

Wind blowing the leaves into a dance

Extremely pretty views

Young animals all around

Zebras drinking from the nearby pond