"A Day in The Boy Scouts of America"

St. Stephen Protomartyr School
St. Louis City, MO

Waking up at 6:00 A.M. or before
Sometimes sleeping on the forest floor
No matter at which camp you stay
That’s a day in the B.S.A

Cooking food with your friends
Sitting through a merit badge class that never ends
Tying knots and learning the Boy Scout way
That’s a day in the B.S.A.

Carving a stick into a wooden spear
Trying to sleep without any fear
Hopefully you enjoy your stay
That’s a day in the B.S.A.

Going places you’ve never gone before
Knowing the next day will never be a bore
No scout will be turned away
That’s a day in the B.S.A.

Staying up late to see the stars
Loading the stuff back into the cars
Hopefully you enjoyed your stay
See you next year at the B.S.A.