“A Love That Was Never There"

Imagine Academy of Environmental Science & Math

My heart is crying out for love
But nobody comes to wipe the tears away
I sit here wishing and praying you would come back
But all that happens is loneliness
I keep waiting for you to fight for me
But you let me slip away as if I were just a tear gliding down your face
As I watch you just let me fall away
I realize that I was never important to you
Just something that you could play with
I keep waiting for you to talk to me
For you to let me in so I could get to know you like you know me
But you never do 
I keep hoping that you would trust me enough
With your deepest darkest secrets
Like I trust you
But you don’t
You treat me like I’m just another speed bump in your road of life
I keep waiting for you to fight for me
Like that one tear that’s going to glide down your face when I say goodbye
So I say goodbye because I’m worth more than this
This is why my heart cries out for love
Because I’ve given it all to you
And you can’t ever act like you love me